Want To Build BJJ Specific Cardio?

If you're like me, then you probably don't love stationary bikes, long runs and other cardio style exercises. 

Well, inside my Drilling Vault I'll give you a collection of BJJ drills that can be done either solo or with a partner. 

It's the perfect way to build cardio and skill at the same time. 

Check the box to add my Drilling Vault to your account for only $20. 

Swole & Roll

Get Swole & Roll today and join the early release to receive the following. . . 

What you'll get:

  • Multiple lifting programs designed to help you build muscle and balance it with BJJ training. 


  • An 86-page manual giving you details on lifting, BJJ training, cardio training, diet and crafting a routine. 


  • A special drilling bonus showing you the #1 thing I do to boost my cardio for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. (Includes a video of 1 of my drilling sessions prior to my winning No Gi Worlds in 2022.)


[ Only people inside the continental U.S will be eligible for the training trip. ]