Don't Miss Out On Your Chance to Join The Next Chewjitsu Camp in 2024!

I'll be hosting a 3 day BJJ training experience at my gym in June & August of 2024. If you'd like to join me then read all the details below.

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June 28th-30th

Camp is officially sold old. 

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August 9th-11th

Camp is officially sold old. 

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If You've Ever Wanted To Meet Or Train With Me. This is The Best Opportunity You'll Ever Have. 

What’s up!


You may have heard some stuff about a Chewjitsu camp coming up or maybe this is the 1st time you’ve heard anything about it. 


Either way, keep reading and I’ll give you the nitty gritty on the upcoming event. 


But 1st let me tell you why this camp is happening. 


Over the last few years my Youtube channel has grown to the point where yours bearded has become a sort of household name in BJJ. I have people visiting my gym all the time and messages from people about potentially visiting. 


And back in 2020 I was making arrangements to have a BJJ camp at my gym. I thought it would be a good chance to have a small group join me at my gym for training and other activities. And then Cap’n Covid struck and put an end to all that. 


Then in 2021 while I was coming back from a seminar. A group of people in a Fans of Chewjitsu Facebook group were talking about traveling to my gym to train with me and my crew. Tons of people joining in and considering it. So we ran out 1st Chewjitsu Camp at my gym in August of 2021. It was awesome and went really well. So well, in fact that many of the campers from last year have kept up with me about doing another in 2022. That camp went great and now we're back for 2023. 


So with that, we'll be opening up registration for this year's Chewjitsu Camp. 


Last year's camp sold out in about 24 hours so hopefully if you missed out last year, this one will give you a chance to have a memorable experience with me and my team here in Louisville.


During the camp we’ll be doing a number of things. Obviously BJJ training sessions will be a part of it. During these sessions you’ll get a chance to learn from me in person as we do a deep dive into some of my best positions and techniques in BJJ. We'll be laser focused on specific high percentage options and get lots of reps in over the weekend so you can leave with new techniques ready to use when you get back to your home gym.  


We'll also have a special mobility / functional stretching class led by my friend Eugene who is a physical therapist and BJJ Black Belt. The goal of this session is to give you a series of simple movements and stretches that target some of the areas we as BJJ practitioner suffer from. By using the movements, you learn at camp on a regular basis you'll be able to feel looser, be more flexible for techniques and be less prone to injury. Trust me, I know this from experience. 


On Saturday we’ll have a cookout or dinner somewhere which will be a good chance to hangout and chat with me and everyone else in the camp. 


We’ll also be including a breath work / meditation session on Sunday for those interested. 


I'm hoping to help you improve your BJJ and give you an intimate one of kind experience. 


With this in mind, registration will be limited to a small number of people. This is so I have a chance to interact with you during the camp. I've been to camps where there's a ton of people. And while that's cool and all, it doesn't leave a lot of room to get to chat or get 1-on-1 help. 


If you're reading this page then I imagine you've watched some of my videos, read my emails and/or listened to my podcasts. And with that, this is a chance to get to meet in person in a smaller setting instead of massive crowd where we never even get to have a conversation. 

Here’s a rough idea of what the schedule will look like for the camp

***Note the schedule is subject to changes depending on attendance and weather.


5pm - Meet and greet with Chewy (non Derby City gym members only)


6pm - Opening training session of camp. 


10 AM - Functional stretching and mobility warm up taught by Eugene. Followed by BJJ training taught by Chewy. 


5 PM - BJJ training followed by Q&A and cookout


10am - BJJ training. 


12pm - Breath work & meditation session either at my gym or under the shade of the big trees on my property.  


2pm - Ending session of camp. 

Ready to Join Me For The Camp?

Just hit the button below for whichever camp you'd prefer to join!

June 28th-30th

Camp is officially sold old. 

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August 9th-11th

Camp is officially sold old. 

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Interested in joining me at the camp?

If you’re interested in the camp. Spots are limited since I’ll be opening this up to my students as well. 


As of right now I have 20 spots in total for people online. So if you’d like to join me, sign up sooner rather than later. 


Right now the price is $349.

So if you’re coming, sign up sooner rather than later.

Commonly Asked Questions. . .


What’s the age limit?

18 and older please. 

Is this open to any rank or belt level? 

Yes, all belt ranks and experiences are welcome. 

What’s included with the price of the camp?

The camp price includes admission to all the sessions involved with the camp, any additional gifts that might be given and dinner on Saturday. This price does not include room or travel arrangements. You’ll need to make those on your own.

What kind of physical condition should I be in?

This will be 3 days of training. While the training can be adjusted for different levels of physical condition it’s important to understand that it will be physically challenging. You attend at your own risk and you should have a general understanding of your physical limits.

Can I film/record the event?

Out of respect to other people attending the camp, filming and recording will be very limited.

What should I bring?

Please bring gi and no gi gear as well as regular clothing you’d be comfortable exercising in.

Where is your gym?

Our gym is in Louisville, KY. The exact address is 8021 DIxie Highway Ste 102 Louisville, KY 40258. 

What's the closest airport?

The closest airport is Louisville International Airport. It's airport tag is SDF. 

Have any other questions?

Please contact Jess with any questions or concerns about attending the event at [email protected]

Refund Policy

Chewjitsu Camp Refund Policy

We understand that things come up and life is unpredictable. But there are no refunds. We're happy to offer you options when it comes to making the best use of your Chewjitsu Camp ticket. Whether it be towards products and services or for a possible future Chewjitsu Camp.